Custom design patio covers

As a local family ran business we understand the need for customer service excellence. From start to finish you will have our design experts working with you. Our customers are family to us.

Our company utilizes 3D cutting edge software, which allows us to plan and design your pergola, patio cover, or awning with you. We can also calculate the percentage of shade you may want at any given time of day or season.

For example: The sun’s angle varies by season, it is important to make certain that the patio cover is effective all year. During design, you can virtually modify the height of construction, size of the pergola, etc. to see their effect on the amount of light and shade you receive.

Design Tip 1: A pergola facing eastward will always receive sunshine in the morning. The same goes for a westward pergola in late afternoon. To enhance shading, you can add visors to the sides of the pergola in the simulation, and see their effect on morning and afternoon shading.
Design Tip 2: The higher the patio cover, the less shade it provides.
Design Tip 3: You can design your cover to fit on any existing structure.
Design Tip 4: Design any shape, any curve, any size.



How To Build A Patio Cover

Building the Solara Adjustable patio cover shading system is extremely easy and very simple.

If you would like to do it yourself, you can obtain a manual, and our technical support team will guide you through the process. Send us your patio cover plan with measurements along with any special notes and we will help you get the process started.

All of our DIY Kits come with all the materials you need to do it yourself. All you will need is the labor and appropriate tools that can be found at your local home improvement store.

For details on your DIY project or to contact us for the installation and design of your patio cover at your home or business:

Tip 1:

The shading system can be mounted on any existing concrete, wood, or metal construction.

Shading system


Let us assist you while you design your patio cover, pergola, awning or gazebo. We will also provide you with a free estimate and free engineering kit.