Auto rain closing
Auto rain closing


A smart rain sensor will automatically detect rain and close up the pergola louvers protecting your outdoor patio furniture and patio area even if you are away home.

Electric motor: Solara’s smart patio cover can be fitted with an electric motor, which can be operated with the use of a remote control.
Electric Motor


Unlike canvas awnings where the motor only shifts between two stages: roof open – roof closed, the Solara shading system’s motor controls the patio cover louvers and accommodates any choice of angle from 0º to 130 º.

The motor operates at a voltage of 12 volts, so there is no risk of electric shock. It is also really safe in the event of a malfunction or power loss.

Visors for patio covers


Solara’s smart patio covers can be fitted with a visor as well. The visors provide extra protection from the sun’s radiation, and provide a broader area of shade.

On the East and West sides (sunrise and sunset), extra protection from the sun is needed, meaning it’s most effective to place them on these sides.

Aside from the great amount of shade provided by the visors, they also add to the pergola’s design.