Product Details

Finish Colors

     Available in our durable roll-formed or heavy duty extruded louvers, including rafters, beams, and posts!  Mix and match colors as you would like.  For example: Spanish Brown Posts with White Beams and Louvers!

Custom colors are also available

Technical Details

Solara systems for the deck and patio have the ability to open and close, giving you three shading systems in one. Full protection from the rain, snow and sunlight; partial shade, or full sunlight when you want it. This functionality allows you to enjoy the use of your patio year round. The patio cover louvers can be operated either manually or by motor. An optional moisture sensor can be added so you don’t have to worry that you left the cover open while you are away from your home or business. The sensor will close your cover automatically in wet weather.

The patio cover roof can be divided into two separate controlled sections. This way when you are having a barbecue, the roof louvers over the grill can remain open, letting the smoke out, while your guests can sit under the closed section enjoying both air and shade. The louvers can tilt open to an angle of 130º and can tilt shut to 0º. You control when and how much light that is allowed in.

Also the roof louvers are made from the highest quality recycled aluminum making them a green roof (Eco-friendly). The aluminum metal roofs require very little maintenance, are easy to clean and designed to last a lifetime.

Water Proofing

The patio cover is hermetically sealed and completely waterproof, subject to installation and site conditions. The Solara aluminum patio covers are maintenance free and will never rust or rot.

Tip 1:

A patio cover with a greater slope will better waterproofed.


Tip 2:

A gutter built between the roof of the house and the patio cover to transport runoff rain from the house will increase waterproofing of the patio cover.


Tip 3:

If at all possible the lowest point should not be over 9.5 feet


Use of a special alloy and modern engineering enable particularly wide openings in accordance with the strictest standards. Solara patio cover roofs may be installed on an existing frame, such as wood, metal, concrete, etc.

Solara patio covers can be used on commercial and residential properties. They can be designed for any business or home and add great value to a property. Upgrade an existing structure or improve any home with the design of a Solara Patio Cover.

Aluminum VS Wood

Rain, Strong Sun, or Winter Sun!!
For Rain; recommend to close the patio cover when it’s raining or snowing, to receive better protection. For Strong Sun; recommend to open the patio cover, to the degree that you will have 100% shade and receive ventilation. For Winter Sun; recommend to open the patio cover in the way that you can get the natural light and heat into your house and patio.

Brackets / Rafters


Our brackets are made of a composite resin that unlike metal brackets will not warp or bend. This eliminates the need for readjustment to maintain water proof seal. They are the stronger, more weather resistant than there metal counterparts.

Along the rafters you will find as immobile transition louver. These louvers are needed to blend one section of the patio cover to the next. The louver is not seeable from the underside of the patio cover.